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AFC Home Highlights Article by NSO Residential Unit

Parkside AFC Home is located in Dearborn Heights Michigan. It's a beautiful six bed residential home, owned by Phillip MastroFrancesco. The home has been open since 1996 and has assisted numerous residents regain their independence and move on to a more independent lifestyle. Natalya Smerigan is the Home Manager. She has worked in Human services for 18 years, and at the Parkside home for 10 years. She has made it a point to take the residents on one or two overnight trips a year. Some of their favorites have been Niagara Falls, Sea World, Frankenmouth, Camping trips, and the Dinner dance boat trip in Lansing. They also go on day trips such as the DIA, shopping, and Bowling. Some other fun events are done right in the home. Natalya reports “I do it because it makes the consumers feel like they are part of the community not just a part of the group home population” She reports that her greatest success have been to assist three of her residents to stop smoking. She also assisted one resident with moving to independent living after overcoming many medical problems including a kidney transplant. Currently four of Parkside’s residents attend Goodwill industries day program where they attend five days a week.

Thanks to Natalya, Your hard work and compassion are to be commended!


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